My name is Eduardo Bejarano, I am 62 years old. I am a resident of Greenacres, Florida, United States and I want to give my testimony about the Homa fires. They have changed our lives significantly. I have a serious ailment and through Homa Therapy I have recovered most of my movements. Thanks to Dr. Mario Chaves and his wife, Yuri, who has taught me the Homa fire and has recommended the use of the Agnihotra ash.

Regarding our home, since we are practicing the Homa fires, we have found quite surprising changes. Among them is the harmony, the tranquility, the serenity and the happiness we experience. That has been quite notorious. There is something else, very curious, it is a little bird that comes hitting the window every morning, as if it was saying “I am here, thank you”. He is a Robin who comes with his wife.

My name is Teresa Bejarano, I am 60 years old. I have to say that everything my husband said, I am also experiencing.
Since we are doing Agnihotra, for more or less one month, what has impressed me the most, is the effect it has on our plants. On one little tree, we never saw flowers. We thought of pulling it out and it is a beauty now. It has many flowers, they fall and constantly new ones come up. Before it didn’t have a single flower. My husband and I like gardening a lot and so he transplanted some plants from one spot to another, but still they didn’t flower, they were like dead. I said that they might lack fertilizing, so we applied it, but still there were no flowers. When we began with the practice of Homa Therapy ,the plants started flowering. Every morning, when I go out I am marveled. We also bought 2 jasmines, because they smell so wonderful, but they did not have a single flower, nothing. Even a gardener came and I told him to please have a look and let me know what I can do, but he did not find a solution. If you see them now, they are filled with buds and flowers, which were beginning to grow after we started the Homa fires. That is marvelous. Moreover , there is a lot of tranquility in the house. I am also happy, because I am doing very well in my business. My business is the mortgage and real estate, which is practically a dead business for a lot of people nowadays. Since I am independent it also affected me. There was practically no business in November, December and January, but deals are coming from all sides now. During February and March I was full with work. I attribute this to the practice of Homa Therapy, because I ask for health, which is the most important thing, for help for my children and the whole family and for the things we need. These Homa fires are a true blessing.

Eduardo y Teresa Bejarano
Greenacres, Florida,