Tapovan Homa Farm was established in 1992 by Master Shree Vasant.
The care takers are Bruce Johnson and Anne Godfrey from Australia since 1997. With much discipline, effort, dedication, organization, talent, determination and love for all , Tapovan has become The Homa Demonstration Farm in India. What started out as a dessert has converted into a lush green and fresh Oasis. Visitors arrive from all corners of the planet to experience and learn about Homa Therapy, which includes not only the practice of the healing Homa fires, but also cattle raising, vermiculture, Gloria biosol preparation, farming, natural bee keeping, water harvesting, ecological housing and Agnihotra Ash Medicine preparations.
In March 25th, 2001 the 24 hour Tryambakam Homa was established. This has helped not only the Tapovan farm, but all the neighbouring farms as well to improve their soil, water levels and production (see picture above of Tapovan Homa farm and surrounding farms right before the Monsoon).
Anne is ‘Tapovan’s Mother and she is called “Madam” with much love by all the employees. She is working with the women in the neighbouring villages and through her attitude of selfless service, she provides work to over 500 women with a cottage industry project.

Every day evening Agnihotra is done with all the workers and guests in Tapovan Homa Center. Many times, there are over 50 Agnihotra fires lit .So, the dessert Tapovan has converted into a green OASIS where everyone finds relief, harmony and so much healing and love expressed in action by Bruce and Anne, the caretakers of Tapovan, joined now also by their son Aaron. Also all the workers and guests participate in the 24 hr Tryambakam.

“Tapovan” Homa Farm,

Parola, Dist. Jalgaon, Maharashtra,