Some miracles of protection during the flash flood that dramatically deluged the area.

Massive flash floods hit NSW on Sat 10th of June especially all along the East coast north and south of Sydney including the large city of Newcastle during the early hours while most people were sound asleep. The winds were so furious that they blew a 240 meter cargo ship into the shore where it lodged on a sand back threatening to break up and spill amounts of oil into the sea. Businesses and homes were flooded, cars floated away and where we are situated in the country side, whole valleys filled up with water over night. Many farm animals drowned and many people had to be rescued off their roofs including our neighbors across the road who are situated closer to the creek that became a raging river.
When we awoke Saturday morningI saw our front paddock had joined the river that was once a tiny creek. It had risen at least 3 stories high over night and extended from our front paddock across the road to the other side of the valley. Everyone was in shock.
Our front gate and fence line at the road were under water. All our buildings kept dry, the cows had access to higher ground and feed and they were safe. A couple of seeming miracles took place with our usually dry creek breaking through its banks and flooding the fields where grain had just been planted. We only lost about an1/8 of the crop instead of most of it, as the water was somehow diverted and also right where the hay for the cows was stored the water course flowed around that leaving it intact against all odds. Then a pile of heavy timber planks for a future cow shed stored in the front paddock, which was right in the middle of the flood waters, also against all odds floated like a complete unit (despite it being a stack of loose planks) lodged against a tree where it stayed until the flood waters receded.
The only thing we lost was the rubbish bin which we’ve found later lodged in a tree down the road.
While others were in total power blackouts, we had solar electricity and we could keep refrigeration going and watch the news on the TV and email until the phone disconnected as well. (Now we are connected to independent satellite broadband to connect to the Internet). Our wood stove kept us warm and heated up water for hot showers. When needed, we put on the generator for extra power. We managed to have stored sufficient food for at least 6 months as advised by Shree Vasant and also repeatedly referred to in the “Orion Messages”. We also managed to store sufficient cow dung and ghee for one year and 160.000 liters of water stored in tanks. So even if we were flooded in for a longer period we would have been OK. The next phase is to erect 2 windmill generators added to the solar system. It was certainly an opportunity to put to test the alternative energy, alternative water supply and food supply.
When these floods hit the coastal areas north and south of Sydney, I had a feeling there would be another flood within the same week. This is what happened. A few days later another warning of flash flooding and gale force winds was issued for the same areas. We were not that effected the 2nd time but many were and 1000 emergency calls went out. Then exactly a week after the first flood there was a cyclone warning, level 2, issued for Sydney and the coast north and south of Sydney with wave warnings of over 10 meters. People were told to stay indoors, away from windows etc. I was very worried about our daughters Suwindi and Ana, who are temporarily living in Sydney. It was to hit Sydney early morning Saturday. Frits had a feeling to do a Rudra after the 4am mantras that morning. As soon as he started the Rudra the strong winds and rain subsided and in the early morning news reports they said the cyclone had suddenly turned and moved out to sea due to a current of air coming from inland and pushing it off course.
We are so grateful for the protection Homa provides and for the practical guidance of our Teacher Shree Vasant to prepare for such times. All Love and Grace
Lee and Frits Ringma, Homa Therapy Association Australia

Homa Farm Om Shree Dham,

Hunter Valley,