COUNTRY South America
CITY Guayaquil, Ecuador
NAME Maryorie Narvaez , Estefano Narvaez
MONTH, YEAR October,  2007
ISSUE Asthma
GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA Choking Problem while doing gymnastics or playing soccer
Had to use “ventolin” (spray)
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA Feel better and leave the medications behind
Able to plays soccer, able to do the sports, lives a totally normal life
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra


I am 40 years old. We started coming to the Homa Center in the month of August (2007). My son just has had an asthma crisis. What motivated me the most is that I did not want my son to be labeled as an asthmatic child. When my son did gymnastics, or played soccer, he choked and immediately had to use “ventolin” (spray). And with each use, my child’s lungs weakened. Every time we visited the allergist he prescribed more medications to prevent the attacks, the rhinitis and so many other things.
Then Mrs. Sonia Hunter caught my attention as I was changing the TV channels. She was talking about all the benefits of Homa Therapy…

We came in the month of August. Mrs. Sonia told us that we should be constant for at least 21 days and observe the changes. After 15 days we began to leave all the medications behind us. Now , my son plays soccer, he does the sports, he likes and he lives a totally normal life. We do not have any problem. Yes, we practice the Agnihotra fire. We acquired the pyramid and our lives changed completely. We do not need any medication. When I was stressed, I told to my son “do your homework quickly to go to the Homa Therapy” , but he said: “Mom, I better to do my homework when I come back illuminated and then I do it all much faster.”

Before he was irresponsible, a restless child. Now he does his homework in half an hour or one hour and we are all peaceful. He also has better grades. At present, it is only 20’s (this is the top here). He has no allergy and no asthma. We take Agnihotra ash 3 times a day and we do the Agnihotra fire 2 times a day, at sunrise and sunset.
I recommend all mothers with asthmatic children to check out Homa Therapy as we did. It is not a religion, nobody imposes anything. You gradually notice improvement in health and more peace and tranquility in your environment and you are able transmit that to others. I have brought some of my friends to Homa Therapy, so they can experience and see that difference themselves.

Maryorie Narvaez
Estefano Narvaez

Homa Center in Guayaquil, Ecuador

South America