COUNTRY South America
CITY Guayaquil, Ecuador
NAME Luis Guillermo Alfredo Cardona Ordonez Dolores Marisol Ordonez Cereno, Madre
ISSUE Cerebral Infantile Paralysis
Unable to crawl
Unable to walk
Unable to support neck
Underweight (12 to 15 pounds) for many years
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA Able to walk, gets on and off the bed;able do that
Able to takes off shoes, and grabs a pencil
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra
DISEASE CATEGORY Cerebral Infantile Paralysis


” The language therapist of a hospital brought me to Dr. Montufar. I have come here for 7 months and I have seen a lot of changes. My son has “PCI” (Cerebral Infantile Paralysis). He is 9 years old. I have noticed many changes. He didn’t babble, now he is trying to talk. He didn’t move his arms, he didn’t crawl, he didn’t walk, he could not support his neck. He was underweight (12 to 15 pounds) for many years. Now, his weight is 35 pounds. I have seen all these changes within 6 months. He attempts to walk, gets on and off the bed; he could not do that. He takes off his shoes, tries to dress himself and grabs a pencil

with easiness. He could not do that. He stays firmly in his seat. He is in a normal school. The teachers are very amazed, because he is the first one to finish the work. I was surprised when they called me after the first trimester. To be honest, I thought it was related to the tuition fee, because I had not paid. But I was very surprised, that the reason was to tell me that my son was among the top 3 students. I couldn’t imagine that he was the first one, but he was. He received the “golden recognition”. When someone says “Om Shree”, he brings his hands together. During these 6 months I have only spent 2 dollars for the treatment in this Homa clinic.”
Interviewer asks the mother: “What would you tell to a mother who has a child with similar problems?”
She answers: “Do not hesitate to come to Homa Therapy. This Homa Therapy has made miracles in my life. I thank God and that angel, who was the therapist who brought me here and Dr. Montufar who has given me a lot of strength to face the problem with my son. Before my son did not move, nor crawl. Now, he goes to the doctor’s office from the waiting room. Now he says “Mom, give me this.”
Dr. Montufar adds: “Right after the first Agnihotra the child spoke. He had not said anything for 9 (nine) years.” After Agnihotra the mother and child went home and while she was serving the food, the boy said: “Mom, give me more.”

Click here to listen to the testimony of Mrs. Dolores Marisol Ordoñez (Spanish)

Luis Guillermo next to his brother Braulio who was celebrating his 7th birthday. He wished to have an Agnihotra pyramid to help his brother. Now Braulio is another brave ‘Peace Warrior’ practicing Agnihotra. You can observe in this picture how Luis Guillermo sings with all his heart the Agnihotra Mantra and makes the movement of placing the rice into the fire.

Luis Guillermo Alfredo Cardona Ordonez
Dolores Marisol Ordonez Cereno, Madre

Guayaquil, Ecuador

South America