COUNTRY Australia
CITY Blue Mountains, NSW
NAME Gaia Sigel
MONTH, YEAR November,  2007
ISSUE Drug Addiction
GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA A childhood of sexual and physical abuse lead to teenage prostitution and drug addiction
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA No side effects of leaving Drugs
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra


Hello, my name is Gaia and I would like to share with you my story of how Agnihotra has opened my heart.
I was first introduced to the fire some seven years ago at a Rainbow gathering. At the time I thought it to be a bit strange as I stood back and watched the process.
Recently my partner and myself were about to separate.
We have two children and are expecting a third soon. We had been living apart for 10 months trying to sort out our lives. We had the opportunity to spend four days holiday together.. leaving our two children with their grand parents.
We came across an Agnihotra pamphlet introducing the healing Fire. We called Om Shree Dham in the Hunter Valley and spoke

to Lee and Frits Ringma and decided to spend our 4 days there to experience Agnihotra and to see what it was about.
I had big issues to deal with. I had a travesty of an upbringing and a distorted self-image. A childhood of sexual and physical abuse lead to teenage prostitution and drug addiction.
I had come so far and already been through 10 lifetimes of denial and suppression however I was willing to do anything to keep my family together. I knew it was time to walk through the door but was having trouble finding my legs. How was I going to resolve my anger from the past, and replace my drug addiction that had been my life long friend? Fulfilling me and protecting me like a security blanket, comforting me when I was lonely or afraid. I was destroying myself and all of those around me.
Well staying at Om Shree Dham changed that. While sitting in the soft atmosphere of the Homa environment, the healing fires did something to me. On the third morning I performed Agnihotra for the first time, and “oh what a shift”. I felt like I was full and overflowing with love, the dam had burst and life was flowing through me like I had never felt.
I had tried a lot of different ways to let go of the past with no avail. Agnihotra opened me up. Since that day I have performed daily Agnihotra, and daily Om Tryambakam. Within the first week I found it unbearable to smoke cigarettes, eat meat, drink beer or even drink coffee. Before I spent the four days at Om Shree Dham I was regularly using drugs. Now I have lost every need, want or desire with no withdrawals, fevers or mood swings. I feel lighter and more at ease and able to face daily challengers without drugs as my crutch.
Agnihotra has been the catalyst of my change and regular practice has accelerated my healing process. I am amazed at the difference I can see in myself. I am more patient with my children, and more loving and understanding towards my partner.
A short time ago I found it almost impossible to get out of bed, now I awake looking forward to everyday and what life has to offer me, even challenges. With Agnihotra I have been able to replace my negative thoughts, life patterns and addictions with this uplifting practice. Opening me up to the flow of love and light, filling my life and all those around me.”

Gaia Sigel,

Blue Mountains, NSW