Year   Place Vanillin%
by weight
1998 Ernanakulam (Kerala) 2.56
1999 Myladumpara (Kerala) 2.71
2000 Sutagatti (Belgaum) 2.91

Nature is a silent performer and I was anxious to see her work. Since hundreds of farmers are closely observing our Homa Therapy work at Sutagatti, I was slightly under tension. Our faith and devotion has started working in this kind of agriculture after three months of regular Homa practice.

I am very happy to inform that the first vanilla produce for the year 1999-2000 was of excellent quality. The vanilla bean curing process (three months) was started along with Homa Therapy. The cured vanilla beans were tested at “Spice Board” testing laboratory in Cochin. The following are the results:

Using conventional agriculture Vanillin accounts for about 2% of the dry weight of cured vanilla beans.

Healthy Homa Vanilla plant with highest vanillin content.
The above results have given immense joy to all of us, including our fellow organic farmers who had participated in our Homa Therapy.
Now a person with deep knowledge about farm seeds has approached us. He is ready to offer voluntary services in developing a seed bank, seed plots and demonstration plots for fellow farmers in our area.

In this month we had three heavy rains at Sutagatti. First occasion was when I was performing Om Tryambakam Homa. The other two rains came during evening Agnihotra. However, the first occasion was special. It rained only over Parashanatti and Sutagatti. This rain was very essential to us because the electricity transmission transformer was burnt and we had no power for fifteen days, that means no water for our plants. Our mud barrage built across the River Ghataprabha remains now full; otherwise, it dried up by middle of May. With Homa Therapy availability of abundant water for farming during summer has happened, after many, many years.

My workers, their children and neighbors are very much influenced by Homa Therapy. Two of my workers who were alcoholic have stopped drinking. One of them is doing regular Om Tryambakam Homa and Agnihotra during our absence. All these positive things are due to Homa.

Abhay Mutalik Desai,

Sutagatti, Dist: Belgaum, Karnatak,