COUNTRY South America
CITY Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru
NAME Julio Emilio Lumba Tirado
MONTH, YEAR September,  2008
ISSUE chronic arterial hypertension
Rushed to the emergency room and the doctor ordered an echography of the kidneys
Solution was a kidney transplant or hemodialysis
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA Started practice Agnihotra daily and felt a lot of relief
Started to urinate normally and the color of my skin changed
Relief from high blood pressure
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra
DISEASE CATEGORY chronic arterial hypertension


I am 65 years old. I was suffering from chronic arterial hypertension for more than 15 years. My high arterial pressure was not lower than 20 and the low pressure was also high, it was around 10 and that is quite dangerous. At the beginning the medicines helped me, but later they stopped having an effect. Last year I had a serious health problem. I began to urinate blood. I rushed to the emergency room and the doctor ordered an echography of the kidneys. Then he told me that my kidneys were so small that they were useless; they had the size of a bean. I asked him about the solution and he said that the only solution was a kidney transplant or hemodialysis. Then I was hospitalized for 8months in the hospital Rebaleategui, one of the best hospitals in Peru. They made a series of analysis and exams.

Finally, Dr. Mendizabal told me that my case was irreversible and that I better return to my home town to pass my last days and to say goodbye to my family and friends.
When I returned to Jaen the color of my skin was grey. I had an incurable disease and I only had a couple of months to live then I was supposed to join my friends in the cemetery.
But thanks to the invitation of Dr. Tenorio, I came to know Homa Therapy and Agnihotra in a presentation given by Dr. Hernandez and his wife Aleta Macan in Jaen. I began to practice Agnihotra daily and felt a lot of relief. I started to urinate normally and the color of my skin changed. I was no longer tired when I walked and my blood pressure normalized through practicing Agnihotra and consuming the healing Agnihotra ash.
When I returned to Lima for the medical check up, the doctor was surprised and told me that there was no need for hemodialysis. The test was normal. I urinated normally and did not have any other symptoms like vomits, dizziness and others that would indicate the necessity for dialysis.
I realized that Homa Therapy really works. I returned to Jaen and continued with Homa Therapy. I did not have the need to return to Lima. I still have the small pipe, which was inserted into my arm during my stay in the hospital, to be used for dialysis, but which I never needed.

Julio Emilio Lumba Tirado
Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru

South America