Homa Therapy – Our Last Chance by Shree Vasant:
“Performance of Agnihotra puts nutrients back into the soil. It fills the atmosphere with nutrients. In Agnihotra atmosphere, the percentage of seed germination improves, the potency of medicinal plants is strengthened and the plants emit love, giving the feedback effect to the human mind.
If plants are placed in a room where vibrations of Agnihotra pyramid fire are maintained, one subtle enough can actually see growth, communication, etc.
When Agnihotra is done under a tree, immediately, as soon as it feels the smoke it begins to become happy.
Agnihotra is the only way to good health and happy life on Earth as it makes things so simple, so clear. One does not have to believe anything about it. It will help a person in spite of himself.”

This Noni tree grows in the Homa Center Guayaquil and it carries over 100 fruits in different growing stages. It gives fruits all year long. This plant is 9 months old and it grew from a fruit accidentally tossed on the soil. The amazing fact is, that this strong and vigorous tree grows in 4 inches of soil only!

The seeds are usually planted in pots and it is extremely difficult to make them germinate, if they do not have the optimum environmental conditions, which the Noni requires.

Above Chaya tree (Cnidoscolus chayamansa) grows in a cement container with only 10 inches of soil right in the patio where Agnihotra is

Above, Maracuya plant delights with a bountiful harvest of delicious fruits. It’s roots are in a tiny flowerpot (see circle) with just a handful of soil, that has never been changed. This plant grows on the balcony over the patio where Agnihotra is performed daily and seemingly receives all the nutrients it needs via the Homa atmosphere.

performed daily. It receives the necessary nutrients through the Homa atmosphere and Agnihotra ash. The Chaya is a medicinal plant and it develops its innate healing properties to its full potential in this healing Homa atmosphere.

Antonia Martinez

Vinces, Ecuador

South America