“I have been one of the most reluctant people regarding Agnihotra. People who know me can confirm that. I was always on the run due to my job in the office, but my husband started practicing Homa Therapy and he was the peace in person. Then we started doing it together in the morning and share this practice in the evening with the patients. I come running home in order to arrive for the sunset Agnihotra, but sometimes I cannot make it, but we always do in the morning. My family is filled with peace. I invite all of you to share this therapy. If you can do it in your home, it brings many benefits. Our whole house is

full of peace, not only the clinic. Everybody who visits us upstairs in our apartment, says that they feel something special, there it is not cold and it is not hot, but a cooling air. This healing energy is impregnated in the whole house.
My family is very normal, there is nothing extraordinary about it. The extraordinary thing is to practice Homa Therapy and to be able to share it. This is the opportunity God has given us and for that I thank him permanently, for the family I have, for the children, for my husband, and for the opportunity of being able to share with all of you and other people who come to the Homa clinic. Thank you.”

Olga Benitez de Montufar
Guayaquil, Ecuador,

South America