“I live in the South of the city. We have been practicing the Homa fires for 4 years. In my family there was some resistance at the beginning. Little by little, peace and tranquility pervaded the house and the problems with the teenagers and neighbors disappeared. After some time, the whole block was peaceful. We have learned to be tolerant and teach how to be tolerant by example. We noticed that Agnihotra and the Tryambakam Homa have helped to eradicate the tension and violence. We also play the CD with the Tryambakam Mantra during the day at low volume. Thanks to Homa Therapy, everything has changed and the boys and girls became more responsible and peaceful. There is a wonderful atmosphere in our house. People come disturbed with problems and they find relief and become happy. Also, many people like my children because they have an aura of peace around them.
Before the Homa fires, we tried to grow some plants and we couldn’t. Now, we have an avocado tree and a small jungle in the front and backyard of our house. It is just wonderful.
It was very dangerous to walk out at night time for anybody. Now it is safe. It is truly a miracle because usually these things are very difficult to change. Our area is now very calm and peaceful thanks to the Homa fires.”

Ada L√≥pez, daughter in her 20’s
“When one feels very depressed, obsessive or stressed with problems at work, Agnihotra calms you down. I would describe it as an internal heat that brings peace. It also helps to take one to a more harmonious state. It helps you to adjust to different situations. Due to TV programs, loud music, etc. everybody is in a rush. You don’t listen, don’t communicate and don’t understand each other. But thanks to this harmony in our mind, now, we are able to listen to each other. In fact, Homa Therapy has made a complete change in my life.”

Martha Lucia Restrepo y Ada Lopez
Bogota, Colombia,

South America