Mrs. Roselvira Santillana from Arequipa, Peru, South America reports her experience with Agnihotra:

“Hello dear Homa family:
I am happy to be part of you. My name is Roselvira Santillana de Rodriguez. My first experience with Agnihotra was confirming. I took the wonderful ash of Agnihotra and applied it to an old, very dry and thin geranium plant which some said that we should throw out. This happened at noon and as the evening arrived I placed my hands out of curiosity over the plant, because I am blind. I felt that the plant had more leaves. I called my oldest son who knew the geranium well and these were his words: ‘It is impressive, there are many tiny leaves, sprouts and little flowers.’
Now we are convinced that Homa Therapy will extend over the whole World like a lightning that comes from the east to the west. Here is the picture of the geranium. Goodbye my friends of the sacred fire. Be always blessed. Rosael”

Mrs. Roselvira Santillana

Arequipa, Peru,

South America