COUNTRY South America
CITY Piura, Peru
NAME Mary Cordova Granda
MONTH, YEAR February,  2009
ISSUE Stroke and High Blood Pressure
80% vision loss due to Stroke
Unable to eat
Suffered from high blood pressure (around 270)
Diabetic and had pulmonary edema
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA Recovered unbelievably fast with Homa Therapy
TYPE OF THERAPY Practicing Agnihotra
DISEASE CATEGORY Stroke and High Blood Pressure


In spite of giving workshops to young people about self development, I run into an inner conflict and I felt very bad. I felt the need to find a Light. So I prayed to God for an answer. I felt abandoned. How is it possible that somebody who is dreaming about a better world and trying to plant good seeds in young and adults, trying to stimulate them towards a better lifestyle, find herself in darkness?
I met an old friend and told him what I was experiencing. I don’t know why I am like this and what is happening to me? Sometimes I would like to have wings to fly away. I think this happens to everybody at one time or another. Fortunately, I told someone about it. Then he said, “Mary, that may happen because you are going through your pre-menopause.” And instead of feeling better I felt worse.

Four days later, I had a stroke. There was also medical negligence. Around that time I met a friend who does morning and evening Agnihotra faithfully and told me about Abels’ return to Piura. The stroke left me with 80% vision loss and numbness on the left side. I could not eat and everything would fall out my mouth. I could not read. I had all the time headaches and the left side of my face was distorted. However, I recovered unbelievably fast with Homa Therapy. I felt the change in 13 days and I recovered completely after one month. I met people who suffered the same problem and some have not recovered even after 4 years. It was truly a miracle, a miracle of God.
Also, my mother suffered from high blood pressure (around 270). The doctor said this could damage the soft organs and the heart and that she could suffer a stroke and end up semi-paralyzed. She was also diabetic and had pulmonary edema. The doctors showed me the lung pictures and they said that we should worry about it. The water around the lungs will have to be withdrawn with needles. It was scary. My mother was very sick.
After the treatment with Homa therapy, my mother got cured and she does not have diabetes and they did not have to withdraw any water from her lungs. It disappeared by itself. We are doing sunrise and sunset Agnihotra and we take Agnihotra ash daily. Agnihotra worked, even though we did not know how.
I continue practicing Homa Therapy because it allows me to enter into silence and do some inner work which we need so much. Today, there is so much information and so much confusion. Homa Therapy has helped me with my work. How can you help others? what can you give?
First of all, you have to help yourself . I am working on this by doing Homa Therapy. It does not mean that I am the best now. No, it is work and we are getting these results in the process .

Mary Cordova Granda,
Piura, Peru,

South America