Every time we visit Tapovan, it seems we find ourselves on another planet. The garden with all its plants, flowers and trees seems to have its own life and all its beings live life fully by sharing their delicious flavors, fruits, colors, sounds…enchanting everyone. We see miracles everywhere, like the papaya tree (photo right) with 4 branches carrying fruits! Has anyone seen this before? This tree, sown by birds, is only 2 years old and has a height of 7 meters. It gave its first fruits after 6 months. The fruits are sweet and delicious and it is not the only tree of this kind. There is also a papaya tree with a broken off tip whose branches started to give fruits. It is the garden of Eden.

The secret? HOMA FARMING. Many Agnihotra fires are done daily at sunrise and sunset and Tryambakam Homa is being maintained since 8 years round the clock (24 hours) in this Homa Resonance Point. Does the photo below look like a dry desert? This is Tapovan!

Some bananas are grown in Tapovan. But bananas need to be bought additionally from the village when many guests come,. They are the same variety but the size, color, TASTE and smell are completely different and, of course, also the nutritional content .

Tapovan have an average weight of 25 kilos, reaching up to 38 kilos. On neighboring farms the average weight per bunch is 20 kilos and it can as low as 12 kilos. Not to mention, the original banana shoots Tapovan planted were of low quality since nobody is really a farming expert. The farmer who sold those ‘left over’ shoots, could not believe that Tapovan at the end had a better harvest than him.