CITY Dharwad, North Karnataka
NAME Dr. Pramod W. Basarkar
MONTH, YEAR March,  2009
ISSUE psoriasis
GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA Suffering from psoriasis of very high order, 100% on the whole body, arms, legs, back, shoulders, everywhere
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash crème treatment 90% 90% of the problem was gone
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra


I am a professor of biochemistry at the University of Agricultural Science in Dharwad, Karnataka. I am also the Dean of students’ welfare at the University.
My experience with Agnihotra goes about 10 to 12 years back when I went to Nasik to learn Yoga and Naturopathy. There I bought some literature and I got the Agnihotra pyramid. The first few days, I did not do anything.
There was a wrestle going on between myself and my wife over an issue of my daughters’ marriage. My daughter wanted to marry a Kanadican (person from Karnataka). We are basically Maharashtrians, Marathi people.

My daughter had chosen a groom, who was a Kanadican, a scientist. My wife somehow did not digest that – a Maharashtrian marrying a Kanadican. I tried to convince her, it was very difficult. It went to a stage where my wife wanted to jump from the top of a building. My wife hated that person, this is the word I should use, she hated him. He is my son in law now.
I did not know Master Shree Vasant, I did not know anybody, I just had some books about Agnihotra and then we started practicing it. We did morning and evening Agnihotra. And it worked!
Within 2 months, my wife started loving the son in law. It was a miraculous change! Her attitude changed, she invited the fellow home. I decided the marriage date and it was already done. My daughter is married happily now for several years and they have a son.
Because of all these family problems, I was suffering from psoriasis of very high order, 100% on the whole body, arms, legs, back, shoulders, everywhere. You can still see some scars. Psoriasis is a psychosomatic problem. I tried to tell my wife that these are all complex issues. You don’t like your son in law, the son in law wants to come into the family, I am in trouble, because you don’t like him and it reflects as a psychosomatic problem. Life is to live, not to destroy.
I tried all different medications, everything, but corticosteroids. I believe in naturopathy, raw eating, yoga, etc. I tried all that and still I had the problem. But miraculously after Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash crème treatment, I not only got healed, I started propagating Homa Therapy to others. I must have told not less than 500 people at that time about Agnihotra and I have given more than 250 lectures since.
Along with my own improvement I tried different experiments in the agriculture field. Nearby, in a house, there was guava-tree which had some spongy tissue problem. We applied the Agnihotra ash twice and 90% of the problem was gone.
Homa Therapy can help in human health, animal health and plant health, everywhere. It is a process of total healing.

Dr. Pramod W. Basarkar
Dharwad, North Karnataka,