Mr. Sarvajit Paranjpe did some experiments with Homa Biosol on different crops like cotton, rose, mogra (flower), banana etc. This is one of his trials on a Rose farm in Badwa, Madhya Pradesh, India.

We were working with Mr. Gowardhan Tiwari. This trial was done on his rose farm. It is an one acre farm and he has twenty rows of roses. All plants were one year old.To know the effect of Homa Biosol we decided to make different trials with different concentrations. We selected four rows for each concentration.

First concentration was half a liter of Homa biosol with 14.5 liters of water.
Second concentration was 1 liter of Homa biosol 14 liters of water.
Third was 2 liters of Homa biosol in 13 liters of water.
Fourth was 3 liters of Homa biosol 12 liters of water.
Fifth was no biosol, just water.

Where we used half a liter of Homa biosol, we observed some effect. There was some increase in production.Where we used one liter of Homa biosol we saw more results. More plant growth and more flowers.Where three liters biosol were used, the leaves burnt on some of the plants, showing that this conc. was too strong.Where no biosol was used there was the least progress.

Where we used two liters of Homa biosol we observed maximum results.
* The increase in production was 300%.
* This traditional variety usually sheds off the petals in twelve hours. But after spraying Homa biosol the petals remained intact for more than double the time.
* There was also an increase of fragrance. Mr. Jain, who is in charge of the rose field, remarked that the fragrance was so strong that it could be smelled from far away. Before spraying Homa biosol this was not the case.
* There were more flowers per plant.
* The size of the flower was bigger.
*There was an increase in the size of the plant.

Effects of Homa Biosol on roses, traditional variety
Farm of Mr. Tiwari
Badwa, M.P,