We recently planted a crop of yellow split peas for harvest and soil conditioning. The two photo’s below show a bright green strip of peas beside a green/grey shorter crop. Both are the same type of pea, but the greener taller crop is Homa organic seed grown here at Om Shree Dham Homa farm, while the other is planted with a commercially available seed. Both were planted at the same time and receive the same treatment. The difference is startling.

We have for the last 8 months milked Chandra, our Brahmin cow. The raw Homa Organic milk is so full of vitality and goodness and I definitely feel my health has improved since we started drinking this milk. We recently made some Camembert cheese and a visitor who taught us how to make the cheese was amazed that we obtained 4 cheeses from a quantity of milk that would normally produce 2. This indicates that our Homa milk has a much higher protein content than usual.

News regarding the building of the Homa Health Retreat:
We are busy building accommodation to have a venue to conduct Homa Therapy courses and for the coming times to become a Homa Refuge. The construction is well on the way, approaching the construction of the roof.

We invite Agnihotris with practical skills to live here on our Homa Farm to help us build. We will provide accommodation and food in exchange. Any hard working people out there dedicated to Homa Therapy who would like to share Homa community living?

Recent experiences on our Homa Farm
Om Shree Dham