Laura has the capacity to talk to the “elements” and during Agnihotra the Master of the Fire spoke to her:
“I was told we should do more Agnihotra fires for further purification on this area and to expand these healing energies from this central point in the city. Also, we can invoke angels and archangels like Michael and Raphael or even Jesus or Mother Mary. They will come and work through this powerful healing fire.”

Laura also shares her personal testimony with Agnihotra:
“The practice of Homa Therapy has changed my life. For example, at school, many of the children are aggressive and do not respect anything or anyone, assaulting physically and verbally their schoolmates. Since I practice the sacred Homa fire, my thoughts and my energy are lighter and thanks to my peaceful energy I am not an object of this aggressiveness.
Also, my perception on the subtle planes has improved thanks to the blessings of these healing Homa fires and the Masters. ”

Laura Henao
Bogota, Colombia,

South America