“I want to tell you that we had on our farm “Fuente de Alegria” (Source of Joy) a cochinila or chinche arenosa plague. This plague has caused us big problems, including rejection of containers in the United States. Our bananas went to Walmart, but Walmart rejected the containers due to the presence of the cochinilla, which is not acceptable for the United States market. This bug is an insect, a sucker living in the roots of the banana plants, but it also goes up into the fruit. Although it does not harm the bananas, it is very dangerous if it enters places where fruits are imported, because it is very harmful for citrus fruit, grapes and many plants growing in the USA and Europe.

Consequently it is imperative that there are no insects on the bananas.
This year, and we are thanking God and HOMA Therapy for this, an insect has appeared and is entering the banana plantation, only now since we do HOMA Therapy. Before, this insect was in the cocoa, but never came to the bananas. This insect is a biological control agent and has come to wipe away the cochinilla plague.
We practice every day Agnihotra at sunrise or sunset, 8 hours of Tryambakam Homa and on new and full moon we do 24 hours of Tryambakam Homa.

Eng. Hernan Posas,


South America