“I would like to share an experience we had in the village of Tenjo, close to Bogota. There, we have a lot of different crops on our small farm. It is in our garden where we use all the techniques of Homa Therapy in the preparation of the land, in the irrigation, spraying Agnihotra ash water against bugs, etc., in short, all we can do with Homa Therapy. And the truth is that in this time of drought and water shortage there has been an incredible response from the Homa garden as well as from the herbs and fruit trees … they continue to resist like warriors of Light, giving delicious fruits and showing that Homa Therapy works! We do put all the Agnihotra ash which remains to the plants. Even though, we do Agnihotra only three times a week (nobody lives yet on the farm), these Homa fires are so generous!”
Maria Teresa Nuniez (1st to the left) sharing Agnihotra in her farm with neighbors, friends and anybody in need of healing and help.
Any kind of herbs (culinary or medicinal) grown in Homa atmosphere are significantly more potent in their healing qualities, have higher nutrition and an incomparable taste!

Maria Teresa Nuniez,

Tenjo, Colombia

South America