I heard about Agnihotra and its effects in a talk by Dr Pramod Basarkar from Dharwad Agricultural University, Karnataka. After hearing about it, I started to practice Agnihotra. But I didn’t think more about the benefits that were told in the talk.
Near to my house, there is a small garden which has a lemon tree and which is about ten years old. It gives good fruit. This year again there were a lot of flowers but during flowering the tree was attacked by an insect pest and it lost all its flowers. People gave various advice for chemical treatments. Then I remembered Dr. Basarkar telling about the Agnihotra ash watersolution. I decided to mix some Agnihotra ash in water and after letting this sit for 3 days, the Agnihotra ash water solution was ready for use. I sprayed the lemon tree only once with this solution. After 8 days, I checked the tree and found the insects had all disappeared and the tree had started to flower again. Thanks to Dr. Basarkar for his good advice about Agnihotra!

Mrs Savita Joshi,
Islampur, Dist: Sangli, Maharashtra,