The River Narmada is the most important river of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The Narmada basin lies between longitude East 72º32’ to 81º45’ and the latitude North 21º20’ to 28º45’. It is the only non snow fed perennial river in India. Narmada River water is mainly used for irrigation, drinking, fishery, generation of electricity and domestic purposes. Some physical-chemical parameters were studied to determine the quality of its water. Pollution is the biggest problem nowadays, it affects the atmosphere, soil and our water resources.

This experiment demonstrates the effect of Homa Therapy – based on the ancient science of Vedas which offers solutions to reduce the pollution in our environment and of the water recourses. These are some preliminary studies about the efficacy of the Homa method, comparing the river water in 4 different sampling sites (S1 – S4) of the Narmada river region.
Water samples were collected on monthly intervals in clean polythene containers and preserved according to standard method (APHA 2002) and brought to the laboratory for various physical-chemical analysis.

A. Omkareshwar – is a famous place of pilgrimages, situated 77 km from the city Indore, Khandwa District. S1: (DMS) Latitude 22º15’01” N and Longitude 76º08’48” E.
B. Mandleshwar – is a small town in Khargon District. It is a town of historical and religious importance situated on the banks of the Narmada River. It is at a distance of 99 km from Indore. S2: (DMS) Latitude 22º11’ N and Longitude 75º00’00” E.
C. Maheshwar – is a small town in Khargon District. It is 91 km from Indore and is the commercial capital of the state. This sampling site is located near HOMA THERAPY CENTER (GOSHALA) see photo above S3: (DMS) Latitude 22º11’00” N and Longitude 75º55’00” E.
D. Barwani – also known as Siddh Nagar, is a city in Barwani. The great Narmada river flows through Barwani, which is located 150 km from Indore.
S4: (DMS) Latitude 22º02’00” N and Longitude 74º54’00” E.



Parameters WHO
Omkareshwar Mandleshwar Maheshwar (Homa
pH 6.5-9.2 8.0 8.2 7.5 8.0
Total Solids 1500 1090 1256 650 1225
Total Hardness 500 555 620 475 650
Cholorides 600 550 520 250 652
Nitrate 45 15.5 20.5 12 22.5
Sulphate 1000 450 375 250 350
coliform count 100ML 500ML 600ML 100ML 700 ML
Coli Count 100ML 450ML 650ML 115ML 600ML