Picture this: A lone farmer rids a 200 acres of farm of all pests with the use of ancient Indian science of Ayurveda.
As difficult as it may sound, the University of Agriculture Science (UAS), Dharwad, has been helping farmers do just that for several years now.
While Agnihotra or Homa Therapy involves organic farming, it has an added advantage: it takes care of airborne diseases as well.
Dr. P.W.Basarkar, HOD. plant biochemistry, who has started Homa Therapy at UAS, Dharwad, said: “Organic farming is not new for our country. In fact, it originated in India. It is known to purify soil and water only, but this Homa technique can purify air in surrounding areas of the farm, thus ensuring that the air-borne diseases don’t harm the crops in any way.”
Agnihotra follows this procedure: burning of specific organic substances in a copper pyramid; specific Mantras and specific timings corresponding to one circadian rhythm of nature, sunrise and sunset. The ash of the Yajnya is later sprinkled on the fields….
The technique can be used anywhere: a house, garden or a farm.
People who have been using the technique vouch for it.
Abhay Muthalik, a chemical engineer turned organic farmer based in Belgaum, has been using the technique for the past two years now. “And my produce has never been better. The problems that even organic farming cannot solve, vanish with Homa Therapy. The best part is that it is such an easy process which can be practiced by anyone and everyone,” says Muthalik.
Abhay says he has been talking to farmers across Belgaum and inspiring them to take up the technique.
Tejaswi Naik, had lost hopes in farming until he came across this technique. “My silkworm farm was plagued with various diseases. The silkworms used to die from the residual effect of the traditional pesticides. Then I forayed into organic farming. Thereon, I came to know about Homa and decided to give it a try.”
Naik has been using the technique for the past six years. “Before using the Homa Therapy, I used to get a 40 per cent yield. Today, it has almost doubled and the quality is unmatched in the entire district.”
Umakant Tiwari, a mango farmer based in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh, is not only extremely happy with the success of the Therapy but also been advocating it in the village…
The UAS Dharwad, too has been trying to spread the message among the farmers. Says Director (Research) P.M. Salimath: “We have been looking on the impact of the Therapy on the plants. Today, we have a few students who are carrying out research on the effects of Homa on different crops. We have been trying to spread the message among the farmers in neighbouring areas. We have started a diploma course for poor farmers to make them aware that there is a way other than using artificial harmful pesticides.”

 Samarpita Banerjee,