Mr. Helmut Rathschiller provided the information and documentation for this article in the February 2011 edition of the magazine Raum und Zeit. Here an excerpt:
Dark-field studies of apple samples from South Tyrol

Rasmus Gaupp of Hado Life Europe Institute compared the apples of two organic farmers in South Tyrol using dark field microscopy. While one of the farmers operates a conventional organic agriculture, the second applies in addition Homa Therapy. He does the morning and evening Agnihotra in site and applies the Agnihotra   ash to the cultivated area. The pictures of 2009 and 2010, show interesting results (above):
The samples from organic farming with Homa Technology show that an  hexagram is always present, which  indicate a special quality.
How to explain the effect of Homa Therapy?
Just as the water-crystals, the dark-field images show a higher degree of order of the samples. The Homa fires can re-order and harmonize the atmosphere on subtle levels. The whole ecosystem benefits from the Homa fires. Already Rudolf Steiner argued that plants assimilate up to 70% of the nutrients through the leaf; thereby the quality of the atmosphere plays the most important role. The soil here has a secondary meaning.
Homa-atmosphere supports very positively plant respiration and the formation of chlorophyll. The plants are fed with the necessary nutrients and life force, so that they fit completely and effectively into the ecological balance. And through this, the whole system of oxygen cycle in nature is supported.
Everyone is invited to learn about Homa Therapy. The more it spreads the better for our world.

 German Magazine “Raum und Zeit” (Space & Time) published: