CITY Ooty, Tamil Nadu
NAME Rangamani Surenkumar and T T Surenkumar
MONTH, YEAR May,  2011
ISSUE digestive and gas problems
GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA Suffering from digestive and gas problems
swelling over eyes
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA swelling and pain has considerably reduced
got rid of digestive and gas problems
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra & Agnihotra Ash
DISEASE CATEGORY digestive and gas problems


“We moved to a rural area near Ooty in mid 2007 after living all our life in cities. We started performing Agnihotra at home in November 2008 on the advice of Dr. Selvaraj of TNAU (Tamil Nadu Agricultural University) in Ooty. We used his guidance to convert our tea garden into an organic one. Since then, we have been profoundly influenced by Homa.
From the first day, the most noticeable thing was the astonishing peace of mind. We could not believe it! We felt so calm and at peace with the world and we just loved the feeling. And this convinced us that we were on the right track.

Agnihotra Ash Medicines
We learned to make the Agnihotra ash cream through Monika Koch’s book and also started ingesting Agnihotra ash with water. Later we boiled Agnihotra ash in water and took it with green tea etc. The effect was equally impressive. We got rid of digestive and gas problems and felt alive and energetic.
A couple of months back, we decided we should share the benefit of this home made simple medicine with others. We gave it to an uncle who had a unique condition of bone growth in the area between the chest bone and the third rib. He was in pain and kept touching the place frequently. We gave the Agnihotra ash cream and asked him to apply it gently over the area where the swelling and the pain was. With one application, his pain reduced considerably. When he went to the doctor for taking a sample for a prescribed biopsy test, the doctor found that the swelling had gone down considerably and advised him to continue with the “Gel” he was applying and there was no need for any Biopsy.
My mother suffered from herpes four years back. One side of her face was affected. In spite of trying Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda, she had swelling over her eyes and suffered severe pain periodically. She applied the Agnihotra ash cream on her forehead and eyebrows and found relief immediately. On continuous application, the swelling and pain has considerably reduced.
Our daughter and her family regularly take the Agnihotra ash and it is used as the first medicine when anyone gets sick.
Next Steps
We have noticed distinct stages in our practice of Agnihotra. In the first stage, we were performing daily Homa and enjoyed the peace and tranquility. In the second stage we started using Homa Therapy for our tea garden and we also started preparing the Agnihotra ash medicines and our health benefitted. Now we are in the third stage where we are given the privilege of distributing the Agnihotra ash and talking about its healing effects. My husband talked about Agnihotra in a gathering and several people have now approached us to find out more about it. We feel very happy that we have been given this privilege.
Performing Agnihotra has made us better persons. We hope others will also start this Homa and benefit by its positivity.”

Rangamani Surenkumar and T T Surenkumar
Ooty,  Tamil Nadu,