I have very nice experiences, very pleasant ones with Homa Therapy. With only doing the Homa fire, the plants become beautifully. The Fire brings harmony. If there is any emotional imbalance at home, it re- establishes harmony. For many reasons in life, sometimes we stop doing certain good things, because we get tied up in meaningless commitments or desires. It is as if we are being tested. I remember many years ago that I had abandoned the Fires, when my daughter approached me and said ‘Mom I’m concerned I might not get admitted to the University. Please do the Fire, because when you do this it, I feel good.’

Then we again started getting up early and practiced Agnihotra again. Then my daughter Lorraine began to calm down and she felt a very great happiness and the certainty that she would enter the University and she did. Since that time she has great faith in the Fire and feels great when we do it.
I have a dad who is 86 years old and he was having anxiety problems. He believed that every day was his last day alive. So I decided to put Agnihotra ash in the food, juices, and in everything I prepared for everyone in this household. Homa Therapy certainly improves relationships and am very grateful for that.”

Margarita Santa Cruz
Lima, Peru,

South America