“What made us interested in researching and establishing a Homa Resonance Point on our the farm? Something unusually happened recently. At the office, I keep a pineapple plant, which I like to show, every time a friend comes for a visit, since the farm is quite distant. When I left for vacation in the month of May, this pineapple plant was one year old and still had not developed. Although I had put some fertilizer, it was sick, yellow and did not grow.
Its sister plants in the farm had already grown and produced fruits. But this plant was stunned and sick. I said well, this is not the climate, it is in the shade, it is in a pot and the soil is not adequate. When I left for vacation it was in this state. When I came back one month later I found it green, with new leaves and totally changed. I did not know what had happened. The only thing I said to the guys who work with me in the office was ‘O my gosh, you guys treated my plants very well while I was gone’.
Later, in a meeting, a man stood up and told me that his son had placed Agnihotra ash on this plant two times. That’s how I found the explanation of this miracle and that is why we want to apply the Homa Super Technology in our 10 hectares pineapple farm.”

Eng. Alex Cordoba
Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru,

South America