“I had a plant that was dying. I loved this plant, but I noticed that it was getting worse every day. I did everything to help it to come alive again, but nothing.When I started coming to the ‘Homa Medical Center La Botica de la Abuela’, and taking Agnihotra ash, I thought I could give it some Agnihotra ash too. This little plant was in such a bad shape, that there was nothing to lose.And I began to put Agnihotra ash in the soil and I noticed that the little plant became stronger and it started to grow. And it developed more little plants. Now, it is lush, beautiful and I am happy with my plant. Then I started to put a bit of Agnihotra ash into the irrigation water. All my plants are beautiful now ! This Agnihotra ash is so powerful! There are so many loving energies at the time of Agnihotra that the ash gets charged with much positive energy. It only took about 3 weeks to see the changes in my plants.”

Gloria Patricia Gaviria
Armenia, Colombia,

South America