It should be noted that some fruit trees like the pomegranates (pictured right) and oranges among others, are grown in other areas, without Homa and even though, they were bought at the same nursery and planted at the same time, they have not given any fruits. This observation was made by my friends, who have these trees. To me, my Homa garden is a joy and a lifelong anti-stress project, cultivating edible dreams. We are what we eat and we eat what we are.”The pomegrant tree is a shrub with wonderful flowers and full of delicious fruits.

The garden replaced the lawn. Now, the neighbors admire Doña Dora successful garden and she generously shares these Divine edible gifts with everyone. Granddaughter Maria José is happy with the cabbage harvest. Mrs. Dora with the first fruit of a 2 years old grapefruit tree. This single fruit was big enough to be shared among five people. Grandson Matthias is preparing Homa ash for the plants and Mr. Renzo is spraying regularly each plant with the Agnihotra ash solution.

Dora Ines Betancur Sanchez,

Armenia, Quindío, Colombia

South America