COUNTRY South America
CITY Armenia, Quindio, Colombia
NAME Dr. Humberto Lema Gomez
ISSUE stress,neurosis,psychosomatic diseases
degenerative diseases
chronic even cancer
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA good sleep, less pain and better mood
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra & Agnihotra Ash
DISEASE CATEGORY stress,neurosis,psychosomatic diseases


“I am a doctor from the University of Quindio and I have been practicing alternative medicine and complementary therapies for about 20 years. I heard about Homa Therapy (HT) in 2005, but I only took it seriously lately due to the stress and the many difficulties in my life.

The most important outcome that I have noticed with HT is that I found God and my wife. Now, I have a home and a daughter. And I can control this monster which is the neurosis. I admit, I came from a neurotic family. Now, I feel a great improvement. I feel recovered. I think more with a cool head, I am calmer and I perform better. Everything is coordinated and comes out the right way. Before, everything was going upside down. The stress has decreased. Everything has been reorganized. I feel calm and very happy.
I have noticed that my wife is more interested in the home and the girl. Now we are closer to each other. I feel she is very happy and our daughter too. You could say that our home is in harmony.
Our suggestion to couples is “get an Agnihotra kit and start to practice it”. It helps to improve our relationships and our coexistence. It brings peace, it tunes oneself and most important, it quiets the mind and changes our negative thoughts. If you are in Quindio, you can come to the Homa Medical Center “La Botica de la Abuela” (Grandma´s pharmacy), otherwise you may go to any Homa Center or Homa Medical Center nearby.
My motivations to continue as director of the Homa Medical Center are: the testimony of my life, my wife, my home, and the testimonies of many people who came with degenerative diseases, chronic, and even cancer. Often people start to see changes from day one, such as: good sleep, less pain and better mood. It is a good challenge to be better every day and multiply this message to bring Homa to many more people wherever you are, for humanity and the whole world is hungry for this. We know that conventional medicine and regular therapies do not have the solution to the many imbalances and psychosomatic diseases. In Homa Therapy, anyone who comes and perseveres, always finds a result, a positive resonance in life.

I would like that the people who are reading this, attend Agnihotra. Homa Therapy has nothing to do with religion or esotericism or witchcraft, none of these. It is a science that brings healing, and it is good for everyone. And all that is good, we must share.”

Dr. Humberto Lema Gomez
Director of the Medical Homa Center “La Botica de la Abuela”
Armenia, Quindio, Colombia,

South America