Medical Technologist, Luis Mendoza Carriel, reports:
“We are sharing the information about Homa Therapy with students specializing in Foreign Trade from the University of Guayaquil, who are interested in tomato cultivation. They came to the Homa Center “La Zenaida” to learn how to grow organic tomatoes with Homa Farming Super Technology. I want to let you know that we are now at the stage of harvest. We have tomatoes of excellent quality, flavor and size. It is amazing and there is no comparison to tomatoes grown with conventional agriculture (with agro-toxins).

We share this to make known the wonderful experiences of growing tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and onions at the Homa Center “Finca La Zenaida” where we have a Homa Garden. This benefits us by supplying us with food and at the same time we are objectively, practically and effectively trying to find a way to spread this knowledge to people who visit us and communal farmers, householders and students who are close to us (in a radius of 10 miles) to demonstrate the benefits of Homa Therapy. Our experience is that you can grow your own food without agro-chemicals and also heal the atmosphere. This healthy atmosphere heals us – this is the basic principle of Agnihotra.

We are all involved in this process: my wife Sara Bustamante and my children: Viviana, Jose Luis and Katherine Bustamante Carriel and friends, who have been cured from health problems. They collaborate on maintaining and managing the Homa Center which has been open for 5 years. We are a team of Homa fire promoters who lovingly share this knowledge everyday with the community. Homa Therapy gives life and thanks to it, we live in harmony with nature and each other.

Experience with Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash
in the Homa Center “Finca La Zenaida” Vinces,


South America