COUNTRY South America
CITY Cali, Bellavista Colombia
NAME Martha Beatriz Ramírez ,Alfredo Jaramillo Bernal
MONTH, YEAR November,  2012
ISSUE Vitiligo, a disease of skin depigmentation
GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA Vitiligo, a disease of skin depigmentation
pain and gastritis
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA considerable normal pigmentation spots
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra & Agnihotra Ash
DISEASE CATEGORY Vitiligo, a disease of skin depigmentation


“We want to share some of the experiences that we are having with the practice of the Homa fires. Firstly, the experience of a student while she was doing Agnihotra. She told us:
‘A dark-gray energy in each of the participants was collected from head and feet to the solar plexus where it went out towards the pyramid fire that looked like a huge fire. It got burned and then returned to each participant through the region of the heart as a blue-violet light. AGNIHOTRA SUBLIMATES YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR FEELINGS AND EACH OF YOUR ACTIONS.
This happened while the fire was burning. ‘

These are five cases of Homa healing:
1) I gave some Agnihotra ash to Antonio, a carpenter in Calarca (Quindio) who has suffered with Vitiligo, a disease of skin depigmentation which according to official medicine has no cure. The disease spread from the nose to the neck, chest, arms and hands. I returned after a month and noticed some healing. We apply more Agnihotra cream on the face and the appearance of the skin is quite normal now. The arms are OK and the hands have considerable normal pigmentation spots. Antonio is very happy.
2) On a neighboring farm, Mrs. Miriam had gastritis for eight years, which was quite annoying. She took the Agnihotra ash and got marked improvement.
3) Cielito Martinez, a friend of the Campestre College, could not close her hands. She has taken Agnihotra ash for a few weeks. Today, I visited her and she could move and close her hands completely normal.
4) I gave Agnihotra ash to a young man about 25 years who came with pain and gastritis. It has helped him a lot.
5) My wife and I do Agnihotra and take its ash three times a day. I was cured of gastritis and noticed an overall beneficial effect. ”

Martha Beatriz Ramírez
Alfredo Jaramillo Bernal

Cali, Bellavista
South America