G. Rao Venkataramana

He has always been at the forefront of trying new methods and systems.
“Every farmer worries about the degeneration of soil and the need to rejuvenate it.
Many of them even worry about the growing pollution and its impact on plants, animals, and even human beings.

Some of them even tried to make changes to stop degeneration of soil and neutralise the effects of pollution. Industrialist-turned-progressive farmer Chalasani Dutt has always been at the forefront of trying new methods and systems.
He was one of the first in Krishna district, a district which has seen several enterprising farmers, to propagate Organic farming.”

Biodynamic agriculture is defined as a method of organic farming that emphasises the holistic development and interrelationships of the soil, plants, and animals as a self-sustaining system. It is considered one of the first modern ecological farming systems that emphasizes a sustainable approach to agriculture.
Mr. Dutt is also known for successfully raising several crops on the roof of his city house in Kasturibaipet using the world renowned Square Foot Garden technique.
After making extensive trials in his farms at Nuzvid and Vattigudipadu, Mr. Dutt is now propagating Homa Therapy.
“Agnihotra can neutralize the effects of pollution,” Mr. Dutt told The Hindu.
Quoting an article by National Horticulture Mission chief consultant R.K. Pathak, Mr. Dutt said Agnihotra purifies the atmosphere and has a tremendous impact on his Square Foot Garden ‘yielding very good results’. He said there were more commercial applications to Homa Therapy from which farmers could benefit.”

Excerpts from the article “Progressive Farmer uses Homa
G. Rao Venkataramana