“I am from Ratnapimpri, but for the last 20 years I have lived here in Tapovan. We have a lot of Homa organic farming experiences. Our homa crops are very good. Farmers using chemical farming mainly think about the soil. In Homa farming, we think about soil but also about the atmosphere. What I have noticed in the last 20 years of farming experience, it is that Homa farming is always better than other agricultural systems. We are growing turmeric, ginger, millet, wheat and a lot of different types of vegetables and different types of fruits. We have noticed that our crop quality is very good, also their size, taste, smell, color. All these things are better than in chemical farming. Lots of people who visit our Homa organic farm are also farmers who plant similar products but they they rather consume ours. And they book one year in advance. And when the harvest comes, many people come and say, please sell to me, please sell to me. People notice the difference between the chemical and the Homa organic crops. People ask in advance what we are going to produce this season and they make their order and reservation in advance. Some of our buyers are business man, others resellers and some are farmers themselves, but they rather consume our products, because they know about all the chemicals in their products and prefer not to eat that conventional crop. So they sell their product in the market, but consume our product which is safer and healthier. This year, we harvested turmeric and one farmer who is also growing turmeric from Karnataka came. He purchased turmeric from me. He tested his turmeric and mine in the lab and he said to me: ”Your turmeric powder has more content of the active ingredient, so that means that your turmeric is best for Ayurvedic medicine.” Sometimes people want to buy the whole production, but I like to sell it to many different people in small quantities, because this way, many can try it and receive the benefits.

Actually, the climate in Tapovan area is not good to grow turmeric, but we just wanted to take a trial in Homa atmosphere and the miracle happened that our yield was higher. For example, another farmer from the area planted one acre of turmeric and we both purchased the seeds from the same farmer, but he only received 25 quintals per acre and we got 32 quintals per acre. Not only the taste, color, smell, etc. are better, but our product also has a longer shelf live. In wheat, our quantity is also much higher. Chemical farmers get 8 to 10 quintals per acre, but in Tapovan we get 12 to 13 quintals.”

Administrator of Tapovan Homa farm