“In 2010, we had a big hail storm. 5 km from Tapovan, there was a thick layer of hail. In some farms it was one foot of hail which was still there 48 hours later. The hail stones were very big, some had the size of guava fruits. Lots of tree branches fell down, small trees and bushes broke and 99% of the crops were damaged. This happened approx. in a distance about 5 km north and south and 3 km east and west of Tapovan. We have noticed, if there is some natural disaster around this area, it does not affect the Tapovan Homa farm and its surroundings, because there is a protection shield. We have seen this many times. Government officials surveyed all this area and came to Tapovan to confirm that this protection is happening here.We also have many healing testimonies with our medicinal plants. For example with ‘panputi’ . This is an herb used to treat kidney stones and kidney problems. One example is related to Dr. Saluke, who had 5 kidney stones. He took an ecograph which confirmed the diagnosis and he came to Tapovan. He said that he had heard about our medicinal plants. So I gave him some panputi leaves from our garden to prepare the following drink: half a cup of leave juice prepared in a blender mixed with half a cup of cow’s ghee. I told him to drink this in the morning and in the evening before going to bed and to drink also a lot of water. After one weak, he expelled 2 stones, one of 6 and one 7 mm in size.
He came again, but this time he asked for the plant and he planted it in his garden. He continued the treatment with his plant but without results. So he came back asking ‘why?’ I told him that this happens because of the Homa atmosphere. So he took more of our leaves and he expelled the rest of the kidney stones.We have seen that Homa atmosphere gives more power to the medicinal plants, it makes them more potent.”

Sanjay Patil, Administrator of Tapovan Homa Farm