“We are drying Homa herbs and sell them in a nice package that Claudia (my secretary) and I designed. Elvira, one of the residents in this farm, bakes Homa bread that is tasty and highly appreciated in the meetings. We opened the “Homa Store” where we offer teas, bread, ghee, empanadas, arepas, dried herbs and vegetables. All these things either grow on our Homa farm or are prepared with Agnihotra ash.

My employees are the main keepers of the Homa fires, followed by the residents. We see and feel the results of this effort every day.
This year the farm began its workshops series with the basic “Agnihotra ash medicines” workshop. This was followed by the “Ayurvedic practices in our daily life”. This workshop showed how to reduce consumerism and unconscious buying of things that poison our bodies and our planet. We closed this meeting with the Agnihotra practice which is the basic technique for purification and healing of our body and Mother earth. We are simply having a good time.”

Antonia Martinez

Vinces, Ecuador

South America