COUNTRY South America
CITY Guayaquil, Ecuador
NAME Rufa Grueso Paredes
MONTH, YEAR May,  2014
ISSUE Insomnia, Gastritis, Knee Pain and swelling, Pain in Legs and Soles, Eye Problem
DURATION OF HEALING Less than one month
Knee Pain and Swelling
Blurred Eye Sight
Pain in Legs and Soles
Feel Leaner and Lighter
Brighter Eyes
Complete Relief in Pain
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra and Using Agnihotra Ash
DISEASE CATEGORY Insomnia, Gastritis, Knee Pain and swelling, Pain in Legs and Soles, Eye Problem


“I am 59 years old. I am from Esmeralda and I am a nurse assistant. My problem was that I had a gastritis which did not improve. I had all the tests done, an endoscopy and a biopsy, but they found nothing and so my problem continued. I’ve suffered from gastritis for about 10 years. Here in the home of Dr. Cesar Merino I received Agnihotra ash because they saw me taking a pill for this problem. The lady told me to take Agnihotra ash every two hours and I did as I was told. The first day I took the Agnihotra ash, I felt bad. I felt so full and I was very sleepy. The second day, I also felt sleepy. When I got home in the evening, my stomach relaxed a lot, but truly a lot. I had something like a diarrhea. I was sweating and I felt something burning like the cleaning of a wound. I felt this burning sensation down to the soles of my feet. I spent an hour evacuating thoroughly. When I looked what was coming out, I saw something like coffee. Afterwards I had to use chlorine to clean the toilet. Now my stomach feels lighter and I feel good. I seem to have taken off a few pounds. I feel leaner, and lighter. I can now wear clothes that was too tight before. It also suffered from a lot of pain and swelling in the knees. but I do not have this pain anymore and the swelling is receding rapidly. I also used to take pills for this pain, but with the Agnihotra ash I feel good. Also, for many years, I have had sleeping problems (insomnia). The intake of Agnihotra ash helps me relax and I feel good when I wake up. I sleep more and I feel as if the burden of a stone has been removed from me. I also have an eye problem; I do not see very well and sometimes my vision gets blurred. But, by taking the Agnihotra ash, I feel as if my eyes are brighter. I had my eyes irritated and also used to have dry eyes, but now I feel better. And all this has happened in a few days by taking the ash. It is as if God’s hand is there. When I came here, I also suffered from pain in my legs and my soles which made me walk crouched in pain. Now, I feel good and I can even dance. I no longer have pain and I feel very happy. By the way, all these improvements did not happen in weeks or months, but in days.”

Rufa Grueso Paredes,
Guayaquil, Ecuador,

South America