“I am assistant professor in the Indore Institute of Science and Technology in the civil engineering department. I am 22 years old. 2 years ago I came to know about Agnihotra from Dr. Ulrich Berk and I started practicing it. In the beginning I was not regularly doing it, but after some time I did. Then the head of my department, Col. Prakash Inamdar gave me an idea how to do some research on this. One striking result after research showed that because of Agnihotra ash a colony of bacteria in waste water became zero, was eliminated. Before, there were bacteria, but after adding Agnihotra ash there were none. It fully cancelled the bacteria.
So I wrote my thesis on “The Effect of Agnihotra ash on impurities in drinking water.”

When I do Agnihotra I feel that there is a healing effect. What kind of healing effect? I cannot tell you in words, but I believe what I experience and it is something different.After doing Agnihotra and sitting for 5 minutes in its atmosphere I feel very relaxed, very energized, very peaceful and my mind is clear.”

Saurabh Sakhre
Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science