“I am 38 years old. Before Homa Therapy, I longed order in the house, because I work at home. I felt that there was disorder and it was hard to work. I also work in a land nearby. It was hard to get to everything. Agnihotra came to me through a friend. We did this Agnihotra fire several times. On the fourth day, something happened which I cannot explain. Internally, that rang within me and I said “I have to experience that again”. I got the kit and started with the practice of Agnihotra. Now, I’m living the order that I craved. I’m living the order in my house.

I live on a farm with an area of 6000 square meters. My family lives nearby and what I have seen is that before there were problems among my relatives. They were not respectful to each other. Now, they are even playful. I have some plants for several years in the classroom and they always had little vitality. I thought they were going to be the test. I had to I travel. But there was someone who stayed at home and continued doing Agnihotra.
We are talking about winter time. In November and December, I was out of the house and I came back in January. We are talking about a strong winter, when the plants normally stop growing. When I saw the plants, I was astonished. It was amazing. They had developed a lot of green leaves in spite of the strong winter. We are talking about plants that were very weak, and then they recovered and blossomed.
I also feel order inside of me. I’m getting all my jobs done. Before I had trouble and had to put in a lot of effort. Now, it’s easy.
The relationship between my parents and my brothers was very tense. It was not loving and they jumped into a discussion for small things. Now, with the Homa fires, they, individually told me that the others are changing for the better. They told me quietly, in low voice. My mom was doing the fires while I was away. This healing energy was started in October and it has not stopped. Now, I see that there is a sense of humor which was not there before. Now, there are jokes and laughter. Now I do things with less effort. My mind is clearer. I feel there is more order within me. ”

Ivan Tirado
Shakti Centre, Puerto Real