Mr. Julio Arroyo reported from the Homa Farm “Carondelet” in Esmeraldas, Ecuador

“I have 11 months working here on the farm. We are experimenting with Homa farming and we have seen results ahead of schedule. For example, coriander does not grow usually here, it is harvested in the mountains. But we sowed it here, it grew magnificently and in abundance. We also planted carrots, radishes, cucumber, watermelons, and honey melons in this tropical climate zone as an experiment andeverything grew abundantly. As Homa farmers, we measure the products and record the results. We harvested 30 cm long cucumbers in one month and 10 days. Normally it takes two months and a half, nearly 3 months.
We also have a great experience with a plantain plant. When the machines for the construction of the housing arrived, they wanted to kill the plant because it was in there way. But we stopped them and transplanted it right next to the Tryambakam hut. This is something unforgettable. This plant not only gave us a large bunch of plantains from which everyone ate, but it also left us nearly 30 offsprings. A plant usually leaves 7 or 8 offsprings or maximum 10, but not more. Well, we created a new little plantain farm with them.
We also planted tomatoes. Tomato is a crop that is attacked by many diseases and pests. We do not use agro-chemicals and we managed to control these diseases with Homa Therapy, even during a full drought. The taste of the tomatoes and all other products growing in the Homa farm are extraordinarily delicious and rich.”

Mr. Julio Arroyo reported from the Homa Farm “Carondelet” in Esmeraldas,


South America