My husband, Raul Granizo, and I, started with the practice of Homa Therapy a month ago. We heard about it through a friend. We were very interested because we love everything related to nature.
All my life I have lived around fruit trees and I was worried about some in my yard. We saw that the branches were dying; they were falling off. That problem had begun a year ago. But when we started practicing the Homa fires, this stopped and now the trees are sprouting new branches and new leaves are developing. This is in regard to our mango trees. We are seeing a dramatic change. Leaves and flowers and fruits are coming out directly from its main branches. All this happened in one month. We are in June, when trees do not bloom and it is impossible to have fruits, but the trees are completely covered with flowers.

“There are also many fruits and some are big ones. We have some very tall trees covering the little ones. Typically only the branches of the trees receiving sunlight flower, but with Homa Therapy, all the trees, everything, everything, everything is blooming and even branches that have never flowered before are flowering now. Even my son is amazed and said, ‘Dad, we will have many mangoes this year!’.

“You can see the wonders of Homa Therapy in our backyard. We also have a papaya plant . which is giving many fruits and we are proud of our coconut trees .

We are doing Agnihotra every morning and as much as possible at sunset too. I apply the Agnihotra ash directly to the roots and also spray Agnihotra ash solution after it has been sitting for three days.”

Patricia Mera
Milagro, Ecuador

South America