COUNTRY South America
CITY La Serena, Chile
NAME Carmen Hurtado
MONTH, YEAR december,  2013
ISSUE Burn Injuries
GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA Hand burnt with oil fell on it
hand turns into giant blister
unbearable pain
recovered fully
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra & Agnihotra Ash


“I am 70 years old. I suffered an accident when I wanted to make French fries and the frying pan, filled with boiling oil, fell on my right hand. With a bad move, the entire pan flipped over my hand. Immediately, my hand was transformed into a giant blister. At that moment I panicked; it came into my mind that I could lose my hand. I have worked with burned patients and I know what consequences a severe burn on the hand has. I even worked for some time in the burn unit as physiotherapist and I knew that rehabilitation of the hands is very difficult to achieve.

I was in the countryside, isolated because heavy rains had blocked the roads and my suitcase was packed for a trip. I said to myself, that my trip has ended right here and my hand too. Then I immediately prayed to the Divine “Please, help me with this hand.” The only thing available to relieve the pain was Agnihotra ash. I had a large clay pot full of this ash. Therefore, I said to myself that I have no other option, but to put my hand in there and trust. It was a night with heavy rain and impossible to get out. I placed the hand deep inside the pot and tried to maintain it there. I put the pot on the floor near the bed so I could sleep. There was pain, but the Agnihotra ash made it more bearable. After the second day of applying the Agnihotra+ ash, the pain was gone.

The next day, I had two options
a) To submit to medical treatment with frequent surgical acid treatments and I would not be able to travel with my husband.
b) Homa Therapy.
I chose the second option, which consisted in continuing with Agnihotra ash. I applied a lot of ash and I wrapped the hand with a gauze. I did not want to watch it; my hand was a single blister that burst. Then I went on my trip to Switzerland with my arm very well bandaged. I took a huge bag of Agnihotra ash with me. Over there, after a few days, I dared to take off the gauze and put more Agnihotra ash. I did not clean anything. Everything was black and I just threw more Agnihotra ash on top of it. I did not dare to expose my hand in fear of an infection. I did this every few days and kept on checking if I could move my hands. There was no retraction. Eventually with time, everything got dry and nothing hurt. That calmed me and I realized that there was no infection; infections are very common with these burns. Then, after 15 days I dared to take off everything and I noticed that the skin was closed and the color of both hands was thesame. I realized that there was no problem between the fingers, where the burns are more serious. That was my entire rehabilitation! I returned from the journey without bandage.”

Carmen Hurtado
La Serena, Chile,

South America