“I did therapies for many years at the hospital in Vicuña, where I worked for 7 years and many, many times I took my pyramid to share Agnihotra. The following week, when I met the patients again, they commented how well they slept that night, that they felt super relaxed, etc. So the effect of Homa is not something that one imagines, but it is real.

Before knowing about Homa Therapy, I went to live with my family in ‘Las Tolas’. I knew nothing about Agnihotra or how the Homa fires were done. I had only heard of a place in the Elqui Valle wherea fire “ceremony” was practiced, but nothing more. My children were small at that time. There, the llamas, the fox, birds and other animals come down from the mountains; there live also all the elementals. I heard sounds in the river, heard laughter, and heard the elves. It seemed that all the elementals of the kingdoms were there. We experienced earthquakes, snow storms, heavy rain storms; it is that all of nature is very powerful there.

I began to hear in my head the phrase ‘do fire ceremony’. I responded that I had no idea of a fire ceremony. One day, suddenly, while washing dishes, that impulse about the fire, urged me so much, that I responded: ‘but I don’t know, I have no idea what it means to do a fire ceremony’. Then I felt an energy in this place that told me that I have to do something with fire. Therefore, in an almost primitive way, I looked for a clean tin, grabbed cow dung and herbs that were growing there and I took a little oil and began to make a kind of fire ceremony. I did it with my children next to me and simply prayed, looking out into the universe, nothing else. We did that in the early evening and in the morning when getting up. I really felt calmer.

After a month and a half, the owner of this place came for a visit and I told her what had happened to me. She looked at me and said that they had practiced Agnihotra a long time ago and that there was a temple nearby, where a Master (Shree Vasant) had arrived. He activated a special place (at the Cochiguaz river, close to Bhargava Dham), where these fires were done to purify the planet!

She gave me an Agnihotra pyramid and taught me the technique and all Mantras. Since that time, this was in 1997, I am practicing the healing fires. When I do not do Agnihotra, I hear something that says ‘ it is good to do it’ and I truly feel this way. I do Agnihotra in my therapies for mental health and anywhere we are. If you live in a neighborhood, there is a lot of noise, drugs around the corner, people in a jail, etc. There is everything, really, but you do Agnihotra and this is purifying for the place where you are. This is my experience.”

Julia Hidalgo
Vicuña, Valle del Elqui, Chile,

South America