COUNTRY South America
CITY Bernal, Piura, Peru
NAME Eduardo Ayala Ayala
MONTH, YEAR January,  2014
ISSUE Appendicitis, Peritonitis and Gallbladder
Very Angry
Back pain
Trouble with appendicitis, peritonitis and gallbladder
Calmer Healthier Life
New experiences because new ideas emerge
More strength and activeness
No back pain
Healthier Kidneys
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra and Using Agnihotra Ash

DISEASE CATEGORY Appendicitis, Peritonitis and Gallbladder


I am 52 years old and I have 7 years doing Homa Therapy. Previously, I was restless, impulsive, and very angry. I resorted to the Homa Therapy. Now, I changed about 80 %. I have another personality. I have no vices and a calmer healthier life. In addition, every time I do Homa, I have new experiences because new ideas emerge. Speaking of Agnihotra ash, when I was 45, I felt weak, but the Agnihotra ash has given me more strength and I am now more active. I am feeling this with more and more intensity. Therefore, I plan to do HT until my last days. Before knowing the Homa Therapy, I had two operations. The doctors told me ‘if you have a third one, you will die‘. I had trouble with appendicitis, peritonitis and my gallbladder. The doctors said, “The third operation will be in your kidney and you will be finished”. However, years have passed and I have no problem with my kidneys. I am getting stronger. I had back pain at age 45, but not anymore. People, who see me, do not think I am 52 years old. They asked ‘ What’s your secret? ‘I tell them “my secret is Homa Therapy”. Once I heard about a haunted girl and she was in such a bad shape that she could not eat. My brother also practices the Homa fires. He and I went to visit her. We did Tryambakam Homa for many hours, until midnight. The next day, a healer came and when she entered the room, where the girl was already eating food, she said: “There is a strange force here, I feel it. What is that force? Here is something, which I do not know. What is it? However, that Force has saved your daughter because your daughter should have died.“ We were amazed at the power of the Homa fires. My wife Ana Maria is more active with Homa Therapy. She heals the neighborhood children by rubbing them with Agnihotra ash and ghee and encouraging them to eat the Agnihotra ash.

“I live in Bernal, Bajo Piura. Sometimes, children affected with the evil eye come because they are sick. Then, I pray. There was one case of a child, who was almost dying. I put Agnihotra ash like talc and massaged him. Then he threw up. After that he got up and walked away healed. Sometimes my friends tell me ‘it hurts here, it hurts there,’ and I tell them to take what I take – Agnihotra ash. And a short time afterwards, they are talking and have forgotten all the pain. Here in Chiclayo, I do the same if they do not feel well. I use the Agnihotra ash and they feel better. People call me every day. When I do not feel so well, I sprinkle the ash on me and go to bed, fall asleep and wake up fine. I carry Agnihotra ash with me everywhere.”

Eduardo Ayala Ayala
Bernal, Piura, Peru

South America