“When Homa came into my life, I remember having asked constantly how I can help the planet from my “insignificant and ignorant” position. I do not know anything, I have no skills and that made me sad. To find Homa Therapy was a response from heaven to this request of mine. Now, from my “nothingness” I have the opportunity to give something, a small “sacrifice“ daily and the planet benefits. My daily fire is my job (my two cents!) to thank Mother Earth for all that I receive daily and at every moment. Every breath, my whole life depends on that Divine Mother whom I only asked and asked and I did not give anything in return … Homa was the great gift I received and with it, I feel a thousand times blessed. Then, thanks to the “Divine Grace”, I built a Homa farm. My son, my employees, the inhabitants of this place and the practitioners who visit us on the full and new moons also support this Homa farm. For 3 years, little by little, systematically, we have been cleaning and healing this place. Now, this farm is a wonderful paradise. Here, we open our eyes and we only want to thank and praise for being permitted to live here.”

“When I do Agnihotra, sometimes I imagine how an Agnihotra Fire lights up every second till the entire planet is surrounded by healing Fires, illuminating the whole planet. Then I smile and my soul is full of joy for being part of that group of missionaries helping in the purification and healing through a little “sacrifice.” So little is asked from me and I get back so much… I give “one” and receive “thousand”. Such is the power of Homa Therapy.”

Mrs. Maria Teresa Nunez,