“The encounter started with the performance of Vyhruti Homa. (Photo shows from left to right: Shri Abhay Mutalikdesai, Dr. Basarkar and Shri Vijay Shete, who organized the encounter. Below photo shows the participating farmers, who have all have a Homa Resonance Point (HRP) installed on their farm.Several farmers had brought their Homa organic produce for display as well as for sale during. It included jaggery, banana, biosol Homa Gloria, grapes, cow’s ghee etc. Some photographs were also displayed for highlighting the Homa Organic Farming (HOF) work. Dr. Basarkar had brought copies of his M.Sc. students in Biochemistry who worked with HOF technique on soybean, tomato, cabbage and bhendi or lady finger. The work reveals that HOF produce was excellent in quality and quantity. The crops had less diseases than their chemically produced counterpart. For example, the Homa tomato yield was 10 tons higher per hectare and the Homa cabbage yield was 5 tons higher per hectare, than organically produced material. LThe soy bean and lady finger registered 28% and 36% higher yield than the organically produced material.
Dr. Basarkar also demonstrated the preparation of Homa biosol ‘Gloria’. Homa biosol has turned out to be a boon to organic farmers. La Most of the organic farmers face a big problem of pathogenic attack on their crop via air. They feel helpless since they have vowed not to use chemicals on their crop. Agnihotra is a fumigation technique which produces formaldehyde in small amounts that controls the micro-flora in the atmosphere. Homa biosol’s foliar spray has been demonstrated to have good control over such attacks as shown by the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Dharwad.
“There was also the awareness that HOF’s aim is to make farmers happy. Farmers are not interested in any type of research and control studies and other formalities. He wants to lead a happy life with no financial burden or debt of any type. He should get good yield of his crop and have crop protection through the help of harmless inputs from the field itself. He does not want to get cornered as it happens with chemical farming. HOF greatest advantage is that it protects the health of the land, farmers, consumers and animals in the surrounding area. It was pointed out that the produce from chemical farming brings diseases like cancer, arthritis, tuberculosis, asthma followed by pain and agony. To save our motherland we have to first stop feeding her chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Dr. Basarkar drew the attention towards the state Punjab, where the ‘Green Revolution’ had started after independence. It is now a torn state due to excessive use of chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. Villages are for sale, since nothing grows in their fields. This state has the highest number of cancer patients for the past five years (86.453 breast and uterine cancer patients). More than 33.318 people have died in the past five years in Punjab due to cancer. Dr. Basarkar also pointed out that among the more than 215,000 farmer suicide cases in India, none is an organic and Homa organic farmer.To counteract the pesticide menace, Homa Organic Farming is the only answer.
Mr. Abhay Mutalikdesai narrated his story and the hurdles he faced since 1988 when he had jumped into Homa Organic Farming (HOF) without any farming experience. His father had warned him not to enter agriculture since it had given him bitter experience and also did not give sustained production but decline in crop yield and health. Still he went for HOF. He became the top vanilla producer in India. Then he was advised by his spiritual Master to concentrate on food security through HOF. Then it happened that a great decline in vanilla prices in the market came, which caused many farmers’ suicides. Now his situation is such that his HOF products are booked in advance. We could see disease free wheat sown next to the Agnihotra hut. His wheat receives only water through sprinklers which sometimes contained Homa biosol ‘Gloria’.”

Mr. Abhay Mutalikdesai

Sutagatti, Belgaum,