“I had a very rewarding experience with my plants. I had removed all my plants from one part of my garden, because I wanted to plant a very pretty plant, called Hydrangea that is typical in Cajamarca. I thought it could be part of the attraction of our Hotel. I got the hydrangea plants; I prepared the soil and then planted the tiny plants, which were just sprouting. But that week, a frost fell and all died. All plants were completely dried up, all of them. I found them dry and dead. I was very sad, because it had taken a lot of work to get them, fix the ground and fertilize them; and then they were dry. So I told the boy who helps me that we will have to sow others again. I did not think that they could revive. In these days that we started doing Homa Therapy in the hotel. After a week of giving them a little Agnihotra ash, the plants that were dead started to become alive again and they were sprouting leaves. After 2 months, the small seedlings are already in bloom and full of buds. It is very rewarding. For me, this was a very pleasant surprise.”
In the Hotel ‘El Cabildo’, Homa meetings are holding on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They are open to the public under the guidance of Mr. Cristobal Sandoval and Mrs. Mari Posadas.

Mari Posadas
Hotel ” EL CABIDO”
Cajamarca, Peru,

South America