“We planted two plum plant in our farm. Both seedlings are daughters of the same plant. It is sown by using a small branch and not by seed. To one, we applied the Homa treatment (photo below right) and to the other one, not (photo below left). So, one got Agnihotra ash and was irrigated it with Agnihotra ash water and the other one only got the regular tap water. When the fruits were ripe and we began to industrialize them making pickles in vacuumed jars, we noted that the fruits that had received the Agnihotra ash treatment, remained very well and intact. The fruits that had not received the Homa treatment, began to decompose after some time.The flavor of the fruits is also different. The taste with Homa Therapy is sweet, delicious and the fruit has more flesh. Whereas the other is rough outside, and the taste is acidic. They are quite different! These two jars are about 3 years old and they show us that products with Homa energy have more life.”

Dr. Jaime Montufar,

Guayaquil, Ecuador,

South America