CITY West Palm Beach, Florida
NAME Dr. Mario Chavez y Yuri
MONTH, YEAR February,  2015
ISSUE Wart and Tumor
Tumor On Nose Of Dog
Operation Needed For Tumor
Tumor In Lacrimal Duct Of Child
Serious Prognostics
Many Hours Surgery Needed
Reconstruction Surgery Needed
Tumor Disappeared From Nose Of Dog
Operation Not Needed For Tumor
Tumor In Lacrimal Dust Diasppeared
10 Minutes Surgery
Reconstruction Surgery Not Needed
Energy Matrix Of Life Re-established
Improved Behaviour
Relationship Reconstructed
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra And Using Agnihotra Ash


“When I squeezed out a pimple on my cheek, it changed and transformed itself into a wart which began to grow and grow to the point that it was a very visible spot on my cheek. I started to apply all natural remedies that I knew, but nothing worked and it still kept growing and growing. One day, at about 12 midnight, I was doing Tryambakam Homa and suddenly the idea dropped into my mind to use Agnihotra ash with ghee. It hit me – of course – how could I have forgotten about that? I had used clay, urine, oil, honey, etc., everything that Naturism suggests. Therefore, I got up from meditation, prepared the cream with Agnihotra ash, stood up in front of the mirror and I placed it directly on the wart with a small piece of toilet paper so it would not dribble down the cheek. I did this every night for three or four days. Then, the opened wart was closed and it turned into a small black point. When I moved it, the skin moved with the point. After about ten days, that dark wart fell off and it has not reappeared till today. This happened in the beginning of my practice with Homa Therapy and prompted me to use this technique with my patients. Later we had an experience with a dog-named Bruno. In the world of science, we often say, “this is a placebo”, but the truth is that plants and animals cannot believe. It means that a certain type of energy is present, vivifying, re-establishing the matrix of life, producing these changes. And this happened with Bruno. Bruno was a golden furred Labrador. He had a tumor of the size of a lemon on his nose. He was going to be operated. We then started to do Agnihotra and put the ash together with ghee on this tumor. With his paw, he took off the cream and licked it. We continued applying it and also gave it to him in a plate to eat. After 4 days, there was no tumor. It was as if the ball had been deflated and peeled away. Two months later, when we went back to see him, this spot was covered by brown fur. We realized that Homa Therapy in its bio-energetic form enters into a frequency range of life. Homa Therapy re-establishes and rearranges the energy matrix of life.” “We had a case of a 3 year old child with a tumor in the lacrimal duct and the prognostics were very serious. He needed a many hours surgery and a plastic surgeon to reconstruct the lacrimal duct. It would be costly. This family that did not have the money. However, through the social department and the village priest, they managed to receive the authorization for surgery in eight months to a year. Meanwhile, I suggested them, to apply the Agnihotra ash with ghee on that spot when the boy was sleeping. The tumor looked like a corn seed. In the beginning, it was little but it grew. The family continued applying the Agnihotra cream. Months later we saw them again; the child was fine and we asked what had happened? They said that the operation only took 10 minutes and everything went well. In addition, there was no need for a reconstruction surgery. It seems that the tumor seemed to grow, but it was actually moving away from the lacrimal duct. Then it was easy to cut off the tumor in 10 minutes. This was an awesome experience. A woman came to our Homa Therapy workshop, learned Agnihtora and bought her kit. She lived with her very rude son who was using bad words. She planned to move and was packing up boxes. She immediately began the practice of Agnihotra in the house to clean it energy wise. After one week of doing Agnihotra, her son asked her: “Hi Mommy, how are you? Can I help you? I will take care of the move; please do not lift any heavy boxes, because you are so fragile. I will do it.” He had turned around 180 degrees. She told us “it was a miracle” because he had treated her very badly for years. Another beautiful experience was with a woman who also came to a class to learn about Homa Therapy and took her Agnihotra kit home. She managed the family business of manufacturing sweaters, which her parents had built. They were at the point to file for bankruptcy because many employees left. They have seen a ghost that scared them. However, after starting the practice of Agnihotra and Triambakam Homa, the employees watched this ghost jump into the void and did never return. She said that Homa has saved her business. We can keep talking and talking, because we have about 25 years of experience with Homa Therapy.”
“What I like most about Homa Therapy is the psycho-emotional part is to see how broken relationships are reconstructed. This very wonderful gift of forgiveness awakens. When this happens, everything is empowered in the human being. I have a personal experience with someone close to us. Due to business matters, he became distant.From our side, we were sending prayers, beautiful thoughts. We dedicated many Homa Fires to this person. On my birthday, he came, gave me a big hug and sang “happy birthday”. Everyone present, jumped of joy and applauded, because that was something wonderful, something unique.”

Dr. Mario Chavez y Yuri,
West Palm Beach, Florida,