“Currently, we have pineapple in our Homa farm ‘The Good Shepherd’ and we are using the seedless method of planting. Usually the pineapple top is put in water for 30 days to develop some roots and afterwards it is sown. Then the plant begins to take root in the soil. But keeping the plant in Homa atmosphere, the roots begin to emerge in just eight days. Then the pineapple tops with the roots (picture right) are planted in the soil or in a pot. Usually after a year and a half, the plant is producing fruit. But with the Homa method, just after 7-8 months the plant has already an edible pineapple. This Pineapple flavor is different, sweeter. It has no acidity and to peoples taste sense, it is delicious.”
This is the solution for feeding the planet! It is the method to produce healthy, nutritious food, in less time than ‘usual’. We have already harvested and distributed pineapple among all our patients. They collaborate by collecting the pineapple tops which are normally discarded. Nobody uses them. But the patients ask for those in the stores, shops and markets where they are sold and bring them to me. From here, we go to the farm to sow them. By the way, we have proposed to plant 10,000 pineapples in the Homa farm ‘The Good Shepherd’. We are trying to have each week between 100 to 200 plants sown. So, we will continue growing.”

Dr. Jaime Montufar,
Guayaquil, Ecuador, 

South America